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Friday, October 06, 2006

San Juan del Sur and the Pacific Riviera has been a hotspot for development in Nicaragua. This area has seen considerable construction over the past several years with many new top of line resorts currently being constructed. Large properties in and along the Pacific have become costly but lots, land, and homes inside this developments are still availibe for prices considerably lower than other countries in the region. Over the next several years prices in this area are expected to skyrocket with the amazing increases in tourism every year.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Laguna de Apoyo has a new project called Los Congos that is now releasing land for purchase. They will also be releasing Villas in the near future. This development is a luxury eco resort community that will have an abundance of amenities and community services. Check out their website at www.loscongos.com. For other real estate and investments visit www.lagunasa.com.

The Nicaragua real estate market has seen increases in prices over the past several years and still has a lot of growth and expansions left in the market. Property in several of the most popular tourist and visitor destination is still very undervalued and is expected by many to see higher value in the future. Nicaragua at this stage does not have many large developments and a lot of the infrastructure is under construction. Although not many developments are being built there are several spectacular places that have great communities. Contact Laguna SA at www.lagunasa.com for new developments in Nicaragua.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Granada is the oldest colonial town in the Americas. The town is made up of colonial homes with large wooden doors and 3 foot thick adobe walls. Granada is a city of pastels as each house is painted a different beautiful color. The town is relatively small and is home to the mild mannered very proud people of Granada. When North Americans began to come back to Nicaragua years ago the country was very poor and property was being sold for almost nothing. But times have changed and prices have risen substantially. Although prices are higher than they were during the late 90's there are still many deals to be found. The city is expanding and the areas that used to be considered outside of what was desirable are now in the vogue among the expat community. Although a hard to get permit is required to change the exteriors of the Colonial homes, the interiors can almost always be changed to fit the needs of the owner. As long as the home fits the Colonial image the city usually signs off. The city has grown amazingly over the past several years as more and more tourists come every year. Granada has several restaurants that will appease even the pickiest of eaters. There are also hotels that fit every budget and every lifestyle. What makes Granada even more desirable is the proximity to the airport, the beach, several volcanoes, and the Laguna de Apoyo. Laguna de Apoyo is one of the most relaxing and beautiful places in the world, with wind from Lake Nicaragua and spectacular views of the millennia old crater lake. Los Congos an eco-resort community is currently being developed at the Laguna and will certainly be worth the visit. Visit their website at www.loscongos.com. To see other projects in and around Granada visit Laguna SA's website at www.lagunasa.com
Nicaragua is becoming a paradise for foreign investment, because of this, real estate is growing and prices are soaring. For instance, Los Congos at Laguna de Apoyo, this project has property that has grown significantly in value. Over the next few years Granada, Managua, San Juan Del Sur, and Laguna de Apoyo will see significant new investment. Hotels, restaurants, and property for sale seem to popping up all over the place.